Community Safety

New Process and Procedures for the Common Areas, Facilities, and Equipment 

  • Safety Guards: Protective shields have been installed at all register locations which will create a barrier between guests and our staff with small passthrough windows for transfer of payment along with required paperwork to participate in our services.
  • Designated Standing Spaces: 6-foot standing distance will be marked on floors in front of all registers to promote safe social distancing and limit the total number of guests in potential congregation areas.
  • No Contact Equipment Handling: Recreation attendants will place rental equipment (bikes, kayaks, canoes, SUPs, PWC, and pontoon Boats) in the area for guests to pick up after signing rental agreements but no direct contact will be made.
  • Limited Rental Capacity: Limited recreation ‘launch’ sites will be designated with entry and exit pathways and limited number of people in the area.

Additional Cleaning and Disinfecting Processes & Procedures

Our equipment will be cleaned with either soap and water or EPA-approved disinfectant containing a minimum of 60% alcohol per the following schedule. 

  • Per Use: Recreation Equipment including but not limited to bikes, kayaks, canoes, SUPs, PWC and pontoon boats, helmets, paddles, PFDs, and emergency whistles
  • Once Daily: Kayak/canoe rack locks, marina cleats and shed doors
  • 2-3 Times Daily: Retail display countertops and commonly touched retail items
  • 4+ Times Daily: POS stations and credit card terminals, phones, iPad waiver stations, rental and food, and beverage countertops

Individual Park Guests Safety Measures

  • Face Protection: Masks will be required to participate in any recreation rentals or activities along with entering any interior spaces for retail or food and beverage.
  • Hand Protection: Although gloves will not be required, BG Signature will encourage guests to wear these, and will place hand sanitizer products of at least 60% alcohol in prominent areas (when product available) for guests use.
  • Available Face & Hand Protections in Facility: In addition, face masks or face shields and gloves (when the product is available) will be provided for sale if guests do not have them.

Staffing and Employee Protective Measures

  • Staff Reduction: BG Signature will be reducing the number of staff to operate minimally, reducing the number of interaction areas with other staff and customers.
  • Staff Safety: All cashiers, recreation attendants, and food and beverage staff will be required to wear gloves and masks, applying hand sanitizer frequently throughout the day when needed.

Enhanced Food and Beverage Handling Processes & Procedures

  • F&B Handling Procedures: All food and beverage staff will be required to wear gloves and masks, washing hands frequently, for up to 20 seconds per wash,  and applying hand sanitizer throughout the day when needed.
  • Pick Up Only: Food and beverage delivery to tables will cease until further notice. Designated ‘pick up’ tables will be placed in an open area and will utilize our pager system with receipt numbers for guests to pick up when their order is ready.

During this early phase of reopening, visitors should expect limited hours, capacity, and amenities.

To reduce risk, cash transactions are limited to exact change.

For more information on our safety procedures, please see here for the complete COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan. 

Whiskey Creek Hideout managed by BG Signature

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